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Bathroom Illuminous Products

Discoloration | Waterproof | Easy to Install | Light On/Off Switch

A properly lit living room, bathroom and kitchen create a dramatic statement, cozy atmosphere, or functional working area. Get ready to brighten up any room in your home with the proper lighting solution.

RGB Color Changing Products

  1. Bathroom Towel Bar

  2. Paper Towel Holder

  3. Shower Curtain Hooks

  4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder, featuring "light induction sensor"

Light Up Cool Light or Warm Light Products

  1. Clothes Hanger

  2. Toilet Brush and Holder Set

  3. Storage Tissue Box

  4. Bathroom Organizer

  5. Bar Soap Holder

These products accept customized orders, delivery and price please contact, thank you!


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